Wedding Filmmakers in Chennai

Wedding filmmakers chennai

When it is show time, the bride and groom are just so busy with the rituals, that they have no time to even feel the glory of every moment. That is when Wedding Films do the magic. Today the concept of marriage is so different compared to a decade back. Concept invites, Pre and Post wedding photoshoots in chennai, Video invites, Theme functions. Every spec of marriage today is to make sure it adds values and lots of memories to your basket. Thought the traditional wedding videography is slowly fading away from the urban wedding couples.


These days pictures and videos are cherished for life. One loves to go back in time and relive the captured moments. Incognito frames is one of the premier wedding filmmakers chennai, Here are a few ideas on how to make it the best wedding film. Schedule a pre wedding photo shoot, capture beautiful moments in different attires. Capture moments by the sea, during the sunrise and sunset, in the midst of the city and make it so serene and pleasant to look at.

Few capture which are a must:

  • The guy proposing to the girl.
  • The duo holding their wedding dates.
  • A close hug.

And a few capture moments during the wedding:

  • The garland exchange
  • The Mehndi function
  • The ring exchange ceremony
  • The dance move
  • The bride groom poses
  • The Sindoor moment

There are many moments to capture during the wedding, but the mentioned ones are the most treasured ones. When these moments are in the production of a great film, it is a BLISS! With soothing music and great candid captures of pre and post wedding will make it an amazing wedding film. The bridesmaid’s dhoomkhas while dancing on special songs for the duo, the family love, the kid-mania and last but not the least every single ritual of the wedding being captured from smiles to tear droppings; this would make the wedding film a big hit!

So, get up and start framing your special days soon.

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