Album Restoration

Album Restoration

The blog is all about how we successfully restored an old wedding album. What better gift can a bride gift her mom.

The world is so digitally driven, that suddenly they have started reminiscing the old feels and experiences. Similarly, there will be a time in the future where one would want to feel the moment in form of an album than having it on mobile or cloud. Don’t you feel so? How many times do you sit with your old scrapbooks and school albums and just recollect those funny and memorable moments of your life? Isn’t it something so touchy and brings a big smile on your face?

A gala wedding in Vaitheeswaran was beautifully shot by a studio in Chennai (now the studio doesn’t exist anymore). We were asked to convert the hard copy of the beautiful shots into high-resolution images without damaging the old album. We had to process each and every image and design of the album without killing the look and feel of the old album pictures, because those were not just pictures, but a hidden story behind it


Now, according to the trends, the designs people prefer to belong to the English layouts where images who are given more prominence than the design. But in the old times, the images were mainly emotions, but the album design is what gave the whole feel. Therefore, we decided to go with a lighter tone that would suit the film tones of those years. Because nothing would have matched the charm and feel of the images that were captured almost 30 years back in a traditional south Indian wedding. Album restoration process though it may be new here in India, it’s definitely catching up. Being one of the leading wedding photographers in Chennai, we often get enquiries from brides and grooms who would like to gift their parents a restored version of their wedding albums and what better gift than a wedding album on their wedding day!

We presume soon there will be a huge demand for restoring of photo albums suddenly. And this would be because people will realize the value of preserving memories in form of albums than just having it on digital albums. We have got many orders on restoring photo album this year due to damaging if images or converting old VHS to MP4, but this was our first experience in converting an album, this was a bit challenging but definitely worth the task.


We were able to do this job successfully is because the way pictures were shot 30 years back was also exceptionally beautiful, and the album was maintained in a good condition, which allowed us to use almost 97% of the images from the album itself.

Albums are sentiments, preserve it in the best possible manner and keep reliving your memories over and over again! Because, how much ever you try, photos are the closest to one’s self.




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