How to archive Instagram posts

How to archive Instagram posts

2017 has been the year of some crazy updates from the social media, the introduction of Instagram stories, Whatsapp status, stories in facebook groups and the most discussed long tweets in twitter shedding its 140 characters and finally we here to discuss the archiving option that was introduced by Instagram.

A detailed step by step guide on how to archive Instagram posts. Instagram has introduced many new changes this year and the latest one has been the “Archiving option” for your images, now if you feel that any image from your feed isn’t worth displaying you can archive it without deleting the image, likes, and comments! This simple but damn effective update helps users to make an image private without saving it anywhere else. Being one of the best wedding photographers in Chennai, we ensure that we frequently update our works on all our social media platforms.

Here are simple steps to archive your images in your Instagram profile

Step 1: Once you enlarge an image by clicking it select the settings button ( three inverted dots) and click “Archive” that’s it! now your image is safely in the archive category along with its likes and comment.

Instagram Archiving

Step 2:  To get back archived image click the time symbol, (highlighted in red)


Instagram Archiving
To get back the archived

Step 3: Now you will have an option of selecting between stories and posts


Step 4: Select post Archive and then you will be taken to this box where all the images that you have archived will be found, this only for your viewing and will not be visible to public,


All your Archive images will be here. All you need to know about Instagram archiving

Step: 5 Now the final step, select the image that you would like to be shown again in your profile and simply click and again select the settings symbol ( three inverted dots on the right top of the image)  and select “show on profile” that’s it. End of the story.


Instagram has also let a feature to save stories, till recently there was an option only to save the story in your mobile, now you can save all your stories directly to your Instagram profile! you can see it by following the first three steps of this tutorial.








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