best wedding photographers in Chennai

Best Wedding photographers in Chennai

Are we the best wedding photographers in Chennai, Is there something called the best wedding photographers in Chennai?  Last week we got a call from a bride who was looking for photographers to cover her wedding in June 2018 and while enquiring about the deliverables and the price tariff,  she stumped us with this question, Are you in the Top 20 wedding photographers from Chennai? and I replied “not till today afternoon madam” she laughed and I explained the science, body, and spirit behind the “Top” and the “Best” let’s have a look.

So coming back to the question, is it really valid when someone is tagged as the best wedding photographers in a city? Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad or even New York? When someone is looking for photographers from any Indian cities for that matter, you will definitely stumble upon links from websites which dishes out Top 10  wedding photographers in Chennai or best 10 wedding photographers in ABC strangely the top 10 wedding photographer might never feature in the top 20 from another website! Howzaat?

best wedding photographers in chennai
A tamil brahmin wedding in progress, where the bride and the groom walks together

Who are awarding these titles? Any guesses?? the answer in most of the cases is wedding vendors! Yes, a wedding vendor’s website which has pretty much nothing to do with photography other than recommending them their vendors to their clients!!

I read an article on this in a photographer’s forum last week and i never thought it would have such an impact on people’s minds!

On the other hand, there are reputed websites like MyWed and Wedison among other organizations/websites where reputed photographers from all over the world form a panel and awards photographers on various categories and the winners of these competitions, many times carry the title as “International award-winning photographer” which sounds more appropriate.

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