Climbing a wedding photographer’s ladder

A wedding photographer’s ladder

Let me tell you one thing before I start writing this blog, this is about how I took my website from nowhere to the first page which searching for wedding photographers in Chennai, this is blowing our own trumpet moment for me and has a hint of narcissism, including the picture posted here 🙂

I started my current official photography website almost 2 and half years ago, shelving the old one which I had spent a lot of time in meticulously designing and branding and after working on it for almost 1 and a half years, it was a painful decision to go back to square one and start from the scratch. I had spent a lot of money on it by hiring some professionals and I didn’t see the expected result even after 6 months of working on it, the programmers pointed out that there were some technical glitches and it would very difficult even if they continue for another 6 months, it was a heartbreaking moment for me since I was waiting for it for 6 months, doing my bit and finally I had to digest the fact that we are almost where we started 6 months ago.

Being an old web designer and a half-baked SEO programmer, i decided to do it on my own with whatever knowledge I had, though I have sucessfully done some SEO projects for myself, it was nothing even close to the scale of “wedding photography” which is “super highly competitive” and established photography studios are charged a ransome to get a better ranking (rightly so, because) the most difficult part was- unlike designing if something goes wrong you cannot retrieve the mistake, by the time you had updated the website, the mistake would have been already noted and it would damage your website’s position. Which would be almost irrevocable, that made the job all the more difficult, a mistake here is a sin. So I had cross-checked even the minutes change I had to make and wait for updates, subscribe quality subscriptions, here reputed updates.

“we din’t come this far, only to come this far”


Two years later on my birthday, last week, Google gave me one of the biggest gifts I could ever dream off!! Yes, finally a first page rank for #weddingphotography which is every wedding photographer’s dream (if he owns a website) no matter in which part of world one operates from, I have been working on it the day I decided to be a full-time photographer, I couldn’t believe my eyes, that I was able to pull this off all by myself, when top photography studios, whom I have always looked-up-to and admired are listed behind me! it gives me a great amount of satisfaction and it affirms the fact that hard work and dedication always pays off. Today we are ranked among the top wedding photographers in Chennai, many people recognize our works.

When I was about the join under Mr.Raghu Lakshminaaryanan, a reputed and highly respected wedding photographer (who was kind enough to train me photography) whatever I have learned in photography, be it the grammar or the business aspect of it, it is only because of the time that I had spent with him and his team or else my photography life would have been miserable. He told me, “you should be honest and dedicated, honesty and dedication are two different things” till that moment I had thought that honesty and dedication are almost synonyms, it took a while for me to understand what he really meant by that.  Looking back at my 16 months of work, I think, I was honest in my approach and dedicated in my vision.

Moral of the story: Never hesitates to start from the scratch because you have spent time on it and if you are determined, success is inevitable regardless of whom you are competing with.


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