Google Posts for your business


Google Posts for Photographers

Google posts for photographers is a blog where we have explained how effectively you can use Google posts to improve your photography business and this is not just for photographers but any business organizations which looks to promote and case their business works to customers who are constantly searching for their service in the internet

If you are looking for ways to get closer to your customers online, we would suggest you have a look at Google’s relatively new product, Google posts! whether you are a wedding photographer looking for ways to update your work online every day or someone who is looking to showcase your profile even customers searches for your business, updating your work in Google post will be a great idea.

Google posts for wedding photographers

It allows you to post images and upload videos directly and give a detailed description and even a button signup/book. Recently it had updated a change, the uploaded image should be size 5000px into 5000px. The best part of Google post is it reflects the image in the search within a few minutes.

Things you can do regularly:

  1. Post frequently, at leastĀ one post per day
  2. Add a good description, you can provide a detailed description
  3. Make full use of the button and link, give hyperlink to your website related to the content that you have posted
  4. Upload high-quality images never settle for normal substandard images because you never know when a customer will be searchingĀ for your service and the images


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