Youtube’s Unlisted Videos option

What is Youtube’s Unlisted option all about?

Youtube’s unlisted video option is a great way to share more videos privately online! Though this updated was made by the end of last year we got time to mention it here only now 🙂 let’s check out why Youtube’s latest update is a great thing for wedding photographers and wedding filmmakers.

Last year,  all leading social media platforms made some significant changes to their websites and apps, starting from Instagram, which made a huge change in their logo, though initially, instagramers showed a huge backlash looks like they have completely forgotten it, later they added stories, similar to snapshot and an option to archive Instagram posts Facebook and WhatsApp  added “stories” to their page and more recently Facebook introduced the stories option even to facebook groups and facebook page

The reason for this particular blog is to inform Youtube’s unlisted video option, which the website made by the end of last year. Youtube made a great change for uploaders and we are here to tell you that it is a great help for wedding photographers. Previously the options that you had while publishing the video was

The video remains in public yet private

Public – Most of the videos on Youtube are public, which allows viewers from around the world to enjoy your video,

Private – Where the owner of the video can choose with whom he wants to share the video by sharing the video only through email id, so when someone else goes the link, the video will remain private, many wedding photographers and studios around the world opted for this option which sharing their wedding videos and wedding films, in private, including us, though the video would remain private, one had to depend on the uploader and share the email ids with him in order for anyone else to view.

unlisted video in youtube

Youtube’s unlisted video option – This latest option by youtube is a great platform especially for wedding photographers and wedding filmmakers, earlier, once a video was done, you can either make it private or public, with this youtube’s unlisted video option, the video remains private at the same time it can be viewed by anyone with whom the link is shared, for example once the video is updated as unlisted it would not be visible in the uploader’s chanale but can only be viewed by those who have the link, with this option a bride or groom can share their wedding films or other videos with their firends at the same time at can remain private since no one who has subcribed to the uploader’s channel will be able to view the video.

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