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To all photographers who have decided to turn full time, this piece of the blog is for you guys, we have been interacting with a lot of people who have just started wedding photography. And after a little over 10 months into the business, there seems to be a little negativity about the competition.

The fact of the matter is the popularity of wedding photography as a profession is at an all-time high, since the explosion of social media especially Instagram and its uber cool filters, everyone assumes themselves to be a part-time photographer, post the IT boom, we guess the biggest boom an industry has had must be the wedding photographer’s industry – we think so.

We have always felt that there is space for everyone. unless the entire population of Chennai or any city that you live in so going to turn as a photographer from tomorrow there is nothing to worry about,

A rise in contemporaries does not mean that they are going to eat up your business,

So today there are plenty of wedding photographers in Chennai so of my contemporaries ask me if the rise in wedding photographers affect my business, in fact, the rise in wedding photographers is good for many reasons and here is why.

The first thing to be noted is, a rise in wedding photographers doesn’t mean a rise in quality, there is a huge difference between the number of photographers present in a city compared to the number of quality photographers in a city and then there is STYLE.

We live in India where “wedding” is a huge industry, estimated to be around 1000 crore surprisingly it’s on par with the Indian cine industry and even if the cine industry goes through a lean patch, the wedding industry is never going to take that form.

No matter how many photographers enter the scene the requirement for a wedding photographer will never go down

1. An advantage of being in a competitive filed is it always keeps you on your toes and pushes you beyond your limits. Imagine being in a filed where there is no competition and clients getting satisfied with all your mediocre and usual shots!

2. A rise in photographers doesn’t mean a rise in quality. since there is no board and qualification to get into the photography business anyone with a DSLR and a facebook page can claim to be a wedding photographer and start getting orders. There will be huge if not a quantum difference between a professionally trained photographer who not only knows who to shot a technically correct picture but also knows how to handle clients and close an order with a happy ending.

  • The expectation from clients to get a wedding package at cheap rates affect me?

This is true to an extent because since there is a rise in photographers naturally there will be an increase in competition if your USP is pricing then it will take a hit as a new photographer comes in the scene but if you have something great to offer then pricing won’t be an issue at all.

One piece of advice I would tell a youngster or anyone for that matter is before turning to be a full-time wedding photographer, there is space for everyone!

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