What can go wrong when desining your wedding album


Things that can annoy and endlessly delay getting your album printed? These are some of the common things a designer goes through.

Taking all the time in the world to select your images, since digital format has taken over films, brides and grooms have the luxury to choose the images that they want to be printed but that has also become a boon, if you are lazy then selecting images for your wedding can look like an impossible task, because you simply cannot randomly select 200 to 250 images from a set of 800 to 900 images. if yours is a traditional wedding then the number of images you can get mindboggling.

  • Start selecting your images within a week of receiving your images or you may never make it!  and remember, designing the album is the most time-consuming part, making a delay here will delay everything as the designing team will be taking up their next assignment who would have selected the images on time, so if you are late in selecting your images, the guys who selected the images on time cannot be kept waiting.
  • Before the designing gets started, let the designer know what kind of designs you are expecting, ask him for some samples or share some of the designs that you love, spend some time discussing the kind of work you are looking for because many times we have gone through the painful process of scrapping all the designs and starting from the beginning ( we don’t do that anymore)
  • Asking for endless corrections in the layouts, spare a thought for the designer, he is committed to getting your work done and you are even paying him for that agreed but going back and forth in the same thing will annoy the designer will make you may not bring out his creative best.

Retouching your face and making your “SLIM” retouching you for some close-ups is fine but don’t expect a designer to completely retouch your face, once bride wants us to retouch the groom’s eyes, the colour of the lips and the complete skin tone in every picture which only made us wonder why to choose him!


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